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Welcome to Canada Diamonds Inc! We have built Canada Diamonds on principles of trust, honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves as a shining and brilliant example of how a reputable Canadian diamond dealer can serve its global client base.

Canada Diamonds Inc has taken a revolutionary approach to diamond jewellery. Canada Diamonds Inc was one of the first companies to offer Canadian diamonds direct on the Internet. Canada Diamonds was created in a industry shaking business model. Instead of the typical tremendous jewelry store markup on diamond jewelry we make all efforts to operate on the absolute lowest possible margins. Our global presence and volume buying power allows us to purchasing directly from Canadian diamond cutters and negotiate substantial discounts. Our goal is to provide our clients with wholesale diamond prices on the finest quality Canadian diamonds!

Canada Diamonds company mission is to provide our clients the highest quality certified Canadian diamonds at wholesale prices. We only carry non-conflict diamonds and none of our diamonds have been laser drilled, clarity enhanced, or treated in any way.

Every Canadian diamond we carry comes with a 15 day no questions asked money back guarantee. We are so confident that our Canadian diamond prices are the lowest available that we offer a lowest price guarantee. Our goal is to provide you the highest possible customer service and expert diamond advice. Only complete client satisfaction is acceptable to our company.

I look forward to providing you exceptional value and quality Canadian diamonds.

John Marusenko
Canada Diamonds

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