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Canada Diamonds - Low Diamond Prices

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How Canada Diamond Inc offers such Low Diamond Prices!

Retail jewelers typically mark up their diamond jewelry 150-250%. This is a fact of the jewelry business. Retail jewellers need these high markups to stay in business as the retail jeweller needs to pay the high costs of expensive mall store rent, manager and salesperson salaries. Retail jewelers need to charge those high prices just to stay in business!

At Canada Diamonds Inc was one of the first companies to offer diamonds globally direct via the Internet. Canada Diamonds is organized as a completely different business model than you'll find with a retail jeweller.

Canada Diamonds Inc operates from a secure jewelry manufacturing facility in Vancouver British Columbia where we keep our operating costs at a bare minimum. Canada Diamonds Inc does not operate an expensive retail location. Our operating costs being so extremely low we are able to pass on these savings to our clients.

Canada Diamonds strives to offer the absolute finest quality Canadian diamonds at wholesale diamond prices. With simple supply and demand economics by selling premium quality Canadian diamonds at prices below our competition, we sell a lot of Canadian diamonds! With our high volume of diamond sales our clients pay only a small fraction of our operatings costs and instead enjoy high quality certified Canadian diamonds without expensive retail margins.

At most retail Jewellers you can expect:

  • Pushy Salespeople
  • Obscure Diamond Certificates
  • Cheap Assembly Line Jewelry
  • High Prices
  • Inferior Quality Uncertified Diamonds

Canada Diamonds Inc goal is to provide our clients with:

  • The Highest Quality Canadian certified Diamonds
  • The Lowest Wholesale Canadian Diamond Prices
  • Premium custom designed and created platinum and 18kt gold jewelry at a fraction of retail prices direct from our manufacturing facility
  • Unbiased Expert Advice from highly trained professionals and Certified Diamond Graders.
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