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Canada Diamonds Payment Information

Wholesale Canadian Diamonds payment
Canada Diamonds payment for Canadian diamonds Canadian wholesale diamonds payment methods

Payment Methods

Wire transfers
Most Canada Diamonds Inc clients purchase their Canadian diamonds through a bank wire transfer. This is the fastest method of payment available. We provide all banking information needed to conduct the bank wire transfer. In many cases the Canadian diamond can be shipped the same day as the wire transfer is received.

Canada Diamonds pricing reflects a cash discount of 3% enjoyed by clients paying via wire transfer.

Certified Checks
We also accept certified banks drafts, money orders and VISA checks. All checks must be fully cleared by the issuing bank prior to shipment of the diamond. Your shipment will be sent out immediately once the payment clears.

Credit cards
Visa Card for Canadian diamond payment mastercard for Wholesale Canadian diamond payment American express for Wholesale Canadian diamond payment
Canada Diamonds has a extensive fraud prevention program in place to prevent fraudulent transactions and will not accept credit cards for all purchases.

    Canada Diamonds will not accept credit card payment for cards issued by Banks outside of Canada or the USA.

    Canada Diamonds will not accept credit card payment for shipments destined outside of Canada or the USA.

    Billing and shipping address must match all credit card purchases in Canada or the USA.

    Delivery of goods will only be to the billing address and the courier will require government issued identification before goods are released.

    Prices listed on the website reflect a cash (wire transfer, certified cheque) discount. Credit card purchases are subject to a 3% additional charge.

    We reserve the right to refuse, for any reason, credit card payments.

    Credit cards are not automatically processed online. Our associates take details over the phone and verify the card details.

Canada Diamonds works with Federal and local law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting credit card fraud.

For our security and the safety of our clients and staff we do not accept cash payment for goods unless previously arranged. Government issued identification is required for cash payment. Cash must be verified by our bank as non-counterfeit and Canada Diamonds internal procedures against Money Laundering and Terrorisn Financing prior to release of goods.

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