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Canada Diamonds Inc - Corporate Policies

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1. Canada Diamonds makes the best effort to ensure accuracy of Canadian diamond prices. However due to issues such as data entry errors, fluxuations in currency exchange markets Canada Diamonds reserves the right to update Canadian diamond prices at any time.

2. Canada Diamonds Inc reserves the right to refuse any client.

3. Canada Diamonds Inc is not responsible for errors and omissions of our online diamond inventory list.

4. Canada Diamonds does not stock non-Canadian diamonds. For clients requesting Canada Diamonds to import non-Canadian goods a non-refundable deposit may be taken. In most cases a return period is negotiated with the cutter. If the client does not return the goods within this period and allow Canada Diamonds at mimimum 2 working days to ship goods back to the cutter, goods are non-refundable. Deposits will not be returned once this period has expired.

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